Types of Leave for Bank Staff and their Rules 2016

Types of leave for Bank Staff -2016

12 days per year .An employee shall be entitled to Casual Leave up to not more than 4 days continuously but holidays and weekly offs prefixing/suffixing or falling within the period of Casual Leave will not be treated as part of Casual Leave.


Casual leave not availed during a calendar year can be availed later CASUAL LEAVE as Sick Leave with full pay. Casual Leave converted into Sick Leave ( UCL) may be availed without

production of medical certificate for 4 days at a time once in a year or two days at a time twice a year (in addition to availing for one daywithout medical certificate)


1 month for every 11 months service ( 1 day for every 11 days service)Privilege Leave can be availed upto 4 times in a calendar year. (as against 3 occasions under 9th BPS). Where however, the reasons for the request by an employee for leave on more than four occasions in a year are adequate and genuine and it is not administratively inconvenient, such leave may be granted. Privilege Leave can be applied upto not less than 15 days before the proposed date of  commencement of such leave.Privilege Leave shall be allowed to be accumulated up to a maximum of 270 days. But encashment would be allowed upto 240 days at the time of retirement.

1 month for each year of service (max. 18 months) Additional 1 month per year beyond 24 years service. (max. 3 months) Sick Leave is on half pay but can be availed with full pay by double debit in sick leave account.

Special Sick Leave upto 30 days (full salary and over and above normal entitlement) will be allowed once during his/her entire period of service for donation of kidney/ any other organ.

Extra ordinary leave on loss of pay - 3 months at a time and 24 months in the entire service

6 months for one occasion; maximum 12 months in service. Within the overall period of 12 months leave may also be taken in case of miscarriage/abortion/MTP. Within this 60 days leave may be taken for hysterectomy. 6 Months for adoption of a child.

Male employee with less than two surviving children shall be eligible for 15 days Paternity Leave during his wife’s confinement. This leave may be combined with any other kind of leave except Casual Leave. The leave may be availed upto 15 days before or upto 6 months from the date of delivery of the child.

In case of injuries sustained while on duty the entire period of absence for treatment will be sanctioned as Special Leave

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