Latest Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Chart -April 2016

Latest Fixed Deposit Interest rate Chart of Private Sector Banks-April 2016

In new financial year people start planning for the financial investment. Bank Fixed deposit has been always one of the most popular investment option for Indians.Generally people visit their respective bank and ask bank officials for the best FD interest rate available in their bank or sometime check online FD interest rate by visiting bank website. People always curious to find which banks are offering the maximum interest rate on fixed deposits. Presently Private Banks offer highest interest rate as compare to Government Banks.

We have compiled the interest of Private Sector Banks with their highest interest offered and respective period.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate-April 2016
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Private-sector banks Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

  1. Axis Bank-Click Here  Maximum Rate on FD is 7.50% for 1 years  to less than 3 years
  2. Catholic Syrian Bank  Click Her Maximum Rate on FD is 7.90% for 13 months.
  3. City Union Bank  Click Her Maximum Rate on FD is 7.75% for 1 year  to up to 5 years
  4. Dhanlaxmi Bank  Click Here  Maximum Rate on FD is 7.35% for 365 Days
  5. DCB Bank Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 8.10% for 24 Months  to up to 60 Months
  6. Federal Bank   Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.50% for 1 year to 3 years
  7. HDFC Bank Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.50% for 9 Months to 5 years
  8. ICICI Bank Click Here  Maximum Rate on FD is 7.60% for 390 Days to 5 years -Without Premature withdrawal facility & Maximum Rate on FD is 7.50% for 1 Yer to 2 years -With Premature withdrawal facility)
  9. IDFC Bank  Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 8.25% for 366 Days to  up to 400 Days 
  10. karnataka bank Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.75% for 1 Year to 2 years 
  11. Indusind bank Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.75% for 2 Years 6 Months to below 2 Years 9 Months 

  12. Kotak Mahindra Bank Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.50% for 271 Days  to up to 10 Years 
  13. Jammu and Kashmir Bank   Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 8.00% for 1 year  to less than 5 years
  14. Karur Vysya Bank Click Here  Maximum Rate on FD is 7.75% for  1 year and above 
  15.  Lakshmi Vilas Bank   Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.90 18 moths to less than 5 years
  16. Nainital Bank Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.90% for 1 year to  up to 2 years.
  17. RBL Bank Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 9.00% for 9 months to less than 36 months
  18. Saraswat Bank  Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.80% for above 24 months to up to  60 months 
  19. South Indian Bank Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.70% for 15 months.
  20. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited Click Here  Maximum Rate on FD is 7.95% for 400 days.
  21. Yes Bank Click Here Maximum Rate on FD is 7.75% for 12 months 10 days to 24 months 24 days
Disclaimer: For latest interest rate always check the official website of respective Banks 

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