How to understand NPS New Pension System Statement?

Account Status of New Pension Scheme

New Pension System account status sent monthly by Central Record keeping Agency (National Pension System) by email. Following are the important  points under Investment Details of  the statement

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  1. Total Contribution (Rs.) - The Total Contribution as on that particular Month.
  2. No. of contribution- Number of contributions deposited in NPS Account
  3. Total Withdrawal (Rs.)- Withdrawal Amount done till that particular month.
  4. Current valuation (Rs.)- Total Value of NPS amount with notional gain or loss.
  5. Notional Gain/Loss- Gain or loss till that particular month.
  6. PFM/Scheme- Scheme Type.
  7. Total Net Contribution (Rs.)- Total Net contribution done till that particular month
  8. Latest NAV & date-  Net Asset Value on that particular date.
  9. Value of NAV- Net asset value of that particular scheme
  10. Unrealised Gain/Loss- Gain or loss which is not realized
  11. Return on Investment (XIRR)- Return in percentage of investment in NPS

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