Tenth Bipartite Pay Distribution chart finalized for Pay scales - 23700 to 85000

Tenth Bipartite Pay Distribution chart finalized for Pay scales - 23700 to 85000 (For Officers)

Long awaited Tenth Bipartite Pay Revision for officers has now at final stage to be signed. Please go through the details as mentioned below:

Distribution chart has been  finalized for the Pay scales - 23700 to 85000. One additional stag increment to scale II, III and IV, once in 2 yrs.

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Others components: 

CCA -870 & 600, PQP -670 & 1680 

HRA -7, 8 and 9%. 

Special Allowance-7.75, (scale I to III), 10 % (IV & V), 11% (VI and above) + DA.

Joint note to be signed on 25th May 2015

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Please Upload complete salary per Month after This Settlement in details...

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