March 5, 2015

What are the different Pay Scales of IDBI Bank Officers?

Pay Scales of IDBI Bank Officers:

IDBI Bank is one of the leading bank . The brand value of this bank is high and Bank aspirants want to know the pay scale of the IDBI bank. Below we have mentioned the various pay scale starting from Assistant Manager Grade A to up to Executive Director in IDBI bank

Existing Pay scale of IDBI Bank Officers:

Assistant Manager Gr. A - 14400-1000(19)-33400-1250(6)-40900 (26 years)

Manager Gr. B -19000-1000(17)-36000-1250(6)-43500 Manager Gr. B (24 years) 

Assistant General Manager - Gr. C-25700-1000(1)-26700-1100(12)-39900-1250(6)-47400 (20 years) 

Deputy General Manager Gr. D- 33600-1100(9)-43500-1300(8)-53900 (18 years)

General Manager Gr. E- 36200-1200(11)-49400-1500(6)-58400 (18 years) 

Chief General Manager Gr. F- 45000-1500(7)-55500-1700(5)-64000 (13 Years)

Executive Director- 57500-1800(4)-64700 (5 years)

Accordingly depending upon the pay scale salary of the officers is calculated.