Salary Slip of Bank PO - January 2015

Salary Slip of Bank PO-Bank of India

Here one of our friend has shared his salary slip for the Month of January 2015.

Perks are not included in salary slip. In bank of India He gets approx 3000/- per month which includes cleaning material, petrol, and entertainment allowance. Apart from this monthly he gets 5500 for rent lease facility per month as his posting is in urban area. Posting  at Metro cities has higher lease amount.
Here you can find the red rounded figures:

  1. Officiating Allowance: It is given for the him as he has been working in bank as Branch Manager.
  2. Festival Pay: It is deducted every month as he has availed the interest free festival advance.
  3. Basic Pay is 15700 because he has completed 2 years of service in bank and getting two increments (14500+(600+600)=15700)
  4. Agriculture Officer: PO & Agriculture officer has same pay structure in bank.
Disclaimer : Salary revision has completed and hope within 90 days new salary will be applicable to all the bank officers and clerks. For PO salary details please visit :
Note: Please share your salary slip and help other to understand the salary structure of your organization/Company.
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