July 5, 2014

What is the job profile of AG III Depot in FCI?


Job description of  AG III Depot post in Food Corporation of India (FCI)

 1. Depot cadre persons will be/should be posted only in depots/godowns where food grains are stored.

2. The main work of AG III depot persons is putting truck chits/slips for lorries carrying grain bags from/to sheds.

3. Counting and accounting of grain bags commodity wise (boiled rice, raw rice, wheat) and stack wise in each shed.

4. Preparing daily returns sheet for the issues/receipts of grains, workslips for labourers who worked in that shed. Stack wise registers, master ledgers, gunny registers are also to be updated.

5. Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual consolidated statements of total receipts/issues carried out in each shed.

6. Depot cadre persons are also posted in weighbridges, which is used to weigh each truck that comes in/goes out of the godown.

7. In some cases, depot cadre persons are also posted for computer/IRRS sections, where they will be generating reports of transactions that happened daily in a depot, and typing letters etc.,

8. In rare cases, depot cadres are posted in District/Regional/Zonal offices.

Depot cadre job is considered to be a highly risky one. Any excess or shortage of bags is viewed very seriously