June 26, 2014

What is the Salary Structure of Marketing Executive in Bank of India ?


Salary structure of Marketing Officer Scale I-[Bank of India]

One of our blog reader has shared his salary structure of Marketing Officer/Executive-Scale I (Specialist Officer) of Bank of India.
Details as mentioned below:

DA (at the rate of 97%) : Rs.14065
HRA (@8.5%): Rs.1232
CCA: Rs 540
Total: 30337

Defined Contribution Pension Scheme (DCPS): Rs. 2856
Tax Deduction : Rs.1000 Approx

Net take home Salary: Rs.30337- Rs.3856= Rs. 26481, Total net take home salary in metropolitan for scale 1= 26500 Approx.

If you don't take subsidized leased rental .Other benefits will be inclusive of (55/40) ltr of petrol in Delhi/Metro for car owners ,Telephone expense,entertainment expense,Newspaper expenses etc. It is close to 9000-10000 per month for Delhi.

So, total salary for marketing executive will come close to Rs.35000 (approximately) in Delhi or other metro.