March 11, 2014

What is the lease rent facility in Bank of Baroda ?


Lease Rent facility in Bank of Baroda

We have compiled scale wise lease rent facility available for Bank officers in Bank of Baroda. Details as mentioned below:

City Class
Delhi & Mumbai
Major “A”
Area I
Area II  
Other Centers
Scale I    
 Rs. 12000  
Rs.    10000     
Rs. 8000
Scale II  
Rs. 13000
Rs.   11000
Rs. 8500 
Rs. 5000     
Rs. 4000
Scale III 
Rs.   13000 
Rs. 11000 
Rs. 8500 
Rs. 5000
Rs. 4000
Scale IV   
Rs. 15000
Rs. 13000 
Rs. 10500
Rs. 6500
Case to Case Basis

Note: Rental Ceiling inclusive of all taxes.
Reference:HO/BR/95/57 dated 29.03.2003

What is lease rent facility?

Answer: Lease rent facility is provided to bank officers, for accommodation. Rent is directly paid to the landlord. The agreement is between bank and the landlord who provide their house/flat on rent basis to the bank officer.