Banking career in Government PSUs Banks

Banking career in government Banks: 

In government (PSU) Banks employee may be classified in two different categories:
 A.      Officers  B.      Clerks

Here, we try to explain in details so that people who are interested in Banking sector and want to join in different categories  can understand easily.

A.      Officers:
In Government i.e PSU Banks , candidate can join as officer through CWE- IBPS Examination . In  Bank all officers are categorized in  different scales (ie. Scale I, II,II,IV,V,VI). In beginning candidate join bank as scale I or II. Sometimes Bank recruit officer in Scale II category from campus having higher qualification viz. MBA, CA, LLB, ABM(Agribusiness Management). There are two different categories in Bank through which candidate enters the bank as officer:

1.       PO i.e Probationary Officer (Scale I):
 Banks recruit officer in these category  for the general banking works.

2.       Specialist Officer:

In banks there are various kind of job profiles in different department which require specialized skill and educational background. So, bank recruit different people having special skill and qualification for different job profiles .

Graduation with specialized degree is required for  the post of specialist officer.

List of Specialist area where banks recruit officers:
i)        Agriculture
ii)       Law
iii)     Chartered Accountancy
iv)     MBA-Finance
v)      MBA-HR
vi)     Security
vii)   Engineering
viii)  Computers & IT
ix)     Hindi i.e official language
x)      Statistician
xi)     Library
xii)   Economist

Eligibility criteria:

                                 i.            Graduation in any subject
                               ii.            Computer proficiency
  Note: (Specific qualification for specialist posts)

Recruitment Process:
Banks recruit  officer  through the CWE- IBPS Examination

Salary Structure:
Scales of Pay for Officers:

Scale I    = Rs. 14500 - 600/7 18700 - 700/2 20100 - 800/7 - 25700
Scale II   = Rs. 19400 - 700/1 - 20100 - 800/10 - 28100
Scale III  = Rs. 25700 - 800/5 29700 - 900/2 - 31500
Scale IV  = Rs. 30600 - 900/4 34200 - 1000/2 - 36200
Scale V   = Rs. 36200 - 1000/2 38200 - 1100/2 - 40400
Scale VI  = Rs. 42000 - 1200/4 - 46800
Scale VII = Rs. 46800 - 1300/4 - 52000

Note: PO join as Scale I. To know more about pay structure visit:
B.      Clerks:
Job Responsibilities:
In banks clerical jobs includes accept deposits and provide withdrawal facility to customers, draft issuing, loan processing, and other banking related services.

Eligibility criteria:

                              iii.            Graduation in any subject
                             iv.            Proficiency in local language
                               v.            Computer proficiency

Recruitment Process:

Banks also recruit  clerks through the CWE- IBPS Examination

Salary Structure:

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