What is the salary of PO in State Bank of Hyderabad?

One of our friend has contributed the details of salary structure of State Bank of Hyderabad. Details has been mentioned as below:

SBH Asst Manager 
Basic: 14500
HRA (6.5%):942
CONVEYANCE(40 Ltrs): 2800
News paper: 450
Cleansing: 750
Casual Labour: 390
Entertainment: (7000/12) :583 ( varies from 7k to 17k depending on assignment )
Tea Etc : 250
Total: 32866/-

( For late sitting additional 2500/- pm)
Lease accomodation : 8000/- Rural places (Min) to 29500/- (mumbai)

Deductions as uasual:
-PF Contribution: 10 %( Basic + DA)
-Prof Tax: 200
-I tax

In addition:
-90000/- for Fixtures and furniture ( for a span of 5 -10yrs)
-5100/- pa medical allowance
-9000/-pa furniture maintenance
-14000/- pa annual closing allowance
-Housing loan of Rs 20 Lakhs at a concessional interest of 6% Simple Interest.( works out to (min) Rs 5000/- pm savings when compared to public interest rate )
-Fest Advance, Computer Loan, Car loan,Education Loan : concessional interest rates
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Why the salary of STATE BANK OF HYDERABAD or any associated with state bank differs, even though they are part of SBI then why much so variation in salary.

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