Gross Salary for Newly Appointed Postal Assistant in India

Gross Salary for Newly Appointed Postal Assistant in India:
Pay Scale: 5200 - 20200 Grade pay 2400
If GP is Rs. 2400, then Pay in Pay band is Rs.7510.
So, Basic Pay = Rs.(7510 + 2400) = Rs.9910.00

Then, HRA @ 30% = Rs.9910 * 30% = Rs.2973.00

(HRA rate in X (earlier A1) city = 30%, Y (earlier A, B1 & B2) City = 20% and Z (earlier C) city = 10%) DA @ 113% = Rs.9910 *113% = Rs.11198.3

Since Pay in Pay band is above Rs.7400.00 and GP is Rs.2400.00, TA will be (Rs.1600.00 + DA), i.e., (Rs.1600.00 + Rs.(1600.00 * 113%) = Rs.1808.00 in X grade city, where as in
rest it will be (Rs.800 + DA).

So, your gross salary in a X grade city would be =Rs.(9910.00+2973+11198.3+1807)= 25888.3

Now, the deductions will be as follows: GSLI = Rs.200.00
Professional Tax (varies from state to state) = Rs.200.00 to Rs.250.00
CPF(contributory provident fund) or NPS (new pension scheme), which is 10% of (Basic salary + DA)=Rs.(9910.00+11198.3)*10%= Rs.2110.83 or Rs.2010

So, total deduction is about Rs.2410

So, your net salary in a grade X city will be about (more or less a Rs.100.00 depending on Professional tax rate) Rs.23478

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