Bank of India- Probationary Officer (PO) Pay Slip

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  1. thanks for sharing this

  2. i want to know where are the perks,which generally told by all banks are not been added here. why

    1. Perks are not included in salary slip. In bank of India we get approx 3000/- per month which includes cleaning material, petrol, and entertainment allowance. Apart from this monthly I get 4000 for rent lease facility per month as my posting is in rural area..urban posting has higher lease amount.

    2. Perks are not included in salary slip. In bank of India we get approx 3000/- per month which includes cleaning material, petrol, and entertainment allowance. Apart from this monthly I get 4000 for rent lease facility per month as my posting is in rural area..urban posting has higher lease amount.

  3. I have a doubt which has to be cleared; as we all know that the minimum gross salary may range from 24000 to 27000; so after deduction a person gets around 20000 to 23000 in hand.My doubt is-:
    1) D.A keeps on changing depending on CPI of our country, so it may affect the salary also.Is it Correct?
    2) i know what kind of perks we will receive from banks, i want to know that whether the perks are included or not in the salary calculation( meant to say that the above 24000 to 27000 includes the perks or its only the sum of basic+HRA+DA)and I have seen perks are included in some banks such as ICCI etc.
    3)And the perks as you have mentioned, can u point what perks do we get approx and whether we get it monthly in hand or it is similar to that of pf, gratituity,which keeps on adding and we can claim at the end of our service
    4) Can a po eligible for perks during probation or after completion of probation
    5) Do every banks provide service quarters or not, and if not do we get full reimumbersment if we are staying on lease


    1. Dear Friend,

      1)Yes, you are true..DA affect the gross above salary sheet : Basic is 14500 and DA is INR 9309 i.e 64.2% of Basic pay(INR14500). Obviously more DA percentage means more DA amount.

      2) In govt. banks perks are not included in monthly salary slip. Perks are generally paid quarterly. In Bank of India PO get approx 10000/- quarterly which includes-Petrol,Cleaning material & Entertainment Allowances. In ICICI Bank they includes every thing in CTC Monthly as well as annual basis. Even they includes interest benefit as well as Bonus component-which you may not avail during the particular year.

      3)As explained above perks are paid quarterly basis.

      4) PO are eligible for perks from the joining of the Bank service. Loans benefits have some period limitation and they get after completion of certain period of Job

      5) Service quaters are generally available in metros and big cities. All PO are eligibe for rent subsidy. As I am residing in leased house.So, Bank has been providing upto 5500/- to my landlord. Plz note 5500/- is apart from salary and perks. So you can say after adding gross salary+Perk+lease comes around 33500/- per month.

      Hope, I have cleared most of your queries.

  4. Thanks in advance and thanks for your effort you are putting in this site with many stuffs and salary slip image was great. Actually, i thought to prepare for bank po but after seeing the salary getting in hand, i felt demotivated as it is not possible to sustain with that amount of salary if you once have your own family, if one getting minmum 35000 to 40000 after 3-4 years then its sounds interesting.And how much we can expect after the pay revision , Would be happy to know your opinion on all these.Thanks, god bless you

    1. Employee of Bank of IndiaSeptember 18, 2013 at 9:45 AM

      Thanks for the appreciation.Presently gross salary (Salary+Perk+Lease facility) comes around 33500/- and net cash in hand monthly would be 29000/- . Salary revision is due since November 2012 and after revision gross salary would be around approx.33500/- to 40000/- on conservative side.Those who are already in Bank they will get arrears salary since nob 2012 after pay revision.

  5. Hello, i am new to this site, actually i also had the same kind of doubt, which has been asked above. Whats the total take home of anyone including perks + net salary. And one more thing, being a transferable job it is difficult to settle your family at one place. right.

    1. Employee of Bank of IndiaSeptember 18, 2013 at 9:49 AM

      Please refer above mentioned reply for your queries. yes, you are right it is difficult to manage family life. But bank provide all kind of facilities such as transportation of household items from one place to new place. Child education is main concern in this kind of transferable job.

  6. Please provide the take home salary in private banks like ICICI Bank in Madhya Pradesh for ICICI BANK Assistant Manager Band 1

  7. When will the salary incresed. Has IBA agreed for increase in salary of P.O. What is the present in hand salary after all the deduction.

  8. Hi this is a great site that clears almost every doubt regarding pay structure..

  9. Hello sir i am mohmmed salim.I have Completed my education. sir i want IFSC Code Abhyudaya Co-op Bank Ltd Gujarat. Sir can u please provide me this information Please Sir Update The Page & Provide the Info ......
    Thnaks & regards
    mohmmed salim.I


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  11. any body knows about perks available for Indian bank officers?

  12. Hello

    Many thanks for sharing the above details and sincere apologies for repeating the compensation question again, however, I understand that the above details relate to a prior period and now the comp structure stands revised. If my understanding per above is right, please could you highlight the revised pay structure in the format as below:

    - Basic
    - DA
    - HRA
    - Other Allowances

    Perks not included above (both cash and non cash).

    Many thanks for helping us.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Basic:14500
      DA:14485.5 (99.9)
      HRA:950 (approx) or Lease
      Other allowance varies according to banks (3300 approx per month if you have bike in your name)

  13. Hello sir,

    I have got selected in Bank of India as Specialist Officer Scale I. Kindly provide me an insight on my salary structure. I have heard the posting will be in Head Office/Zonal Office. How much will be my take home salary per month? Lease rental amount in Metro/Non-metro ? How to avail petrol expense? Should I own car in my name itself? Are Service quaters available for Bank of India? If so, will bank pay the entire rental?

    If I get posting in Head Office (Mumbai) or bangalore, l'm worried whether this salary be fine to move along with my family...

    Please help. I have heard Specialist officer scale I package is same as PO scale I....

    1. Specialist Officer at BoIApril 11, 2014 at 9:32 AM

      Most welcome to Bank of India. for salary detail at BoI plz visit
      Now DA is 99 Percent approx so basic is 14500 so salary approx 29000+(HRA approx 1000/-)

      There are so many agri specialist so not all get posting at ZO/Head office.

      take home salary would be around 25000/-

      In small city lease is 5500/- and in rural its 4000(which I am getting now).

      Petrol 25 liter per month + other perks whic comes now a days 3300 per month but u will get quaterly approx 9900 (last quater mine was 9900)

      Quarter are available in big cities. If you lease then bank will pay the lease amount to landlord.

      Specialist officer salary is same as PO. If you get chance to ZO posting your perks will be high .

      Now monetary benefit to you:

      Salary (25000)+Perks (3300)+lease (5500)=33800/-

      Hope I have cleared maximum doubt. BoI is better than others in respect of transfer policy

    2. Thanks a lot for your reply.... I have got selected in Marketing Officer post. Will marketing officers be posted in small cities & rural areas?
      I have heard from my friend who is working as HR officer in BoB that lease in Tier 1 city is 10000/- and in Tier 2 is 7000/-. Is this the same in BoI. By small city, due you mean Tier 2 or Tier 3 city?

      How to avail petrol expense? I have a car, but its registered in my mother's name. should i own car in my name only for petrol benefit?

      How is this lease rental given by bank? Is it same as normally we take house on rent, where I take house on rent by paying advance money and pay rental monthly ? So, here bank will pay the monthly rental in my hand or directly to landlord? If directly to landlord, how its given usually?

    3. Specialist Officer at BoIApril 12, 2014 at 4:43 AM

      Marketing people generally get posting at major cities. But he/she may also get rural posting. one of my friend has spent 1 yr in rural branch(exceptional case).

      Approx its same lease amount according to place.

      One has to own in his name car/bike then only he/she can get petrol allowance.

      lease rent direct given to landlord through draft or fund transfer as one month in advance.

  14. what are the perks (cash and non cash) provided to scale 2 officer in banks

  15. Thanks a lot for your reply !!

  16. i got selected in bank of india as clerk.... Will i get nearest branch to my home? What is salary details with all allowances?

  17. Hello, great to have stumbled upon this site. really appreciate the work done by you. Already cleared some of my doubts just by browsing through the comments.
    I have been provisionally allotted as legal officer (scale 2) in BOI after IBPS CWE-iii. I just wanted to know if its really true that specialist officers are going to find it tough for career growth when compared to PO? is the promotion policy really that different? Also, any idea where legal officers are usually posted? I mean, they are not required at every branch, right? your help is much appreciated. thanks

  18. Sir,
    I have been selected as Agriculture Officer: Scale 1(Specialist Officer) in Bank of India.
    Sir, i heard larger bank gets higher pay (due to higher allowance). How much i shall be getting at the time of joining in hand if posted in North eastern states.
    Also how is the transfer policy of Bank of India during probation.

  19. What are the extra allowance specialist officer will be getting at BOI compared to smaller banks like Indian overseas bank???

  20. please anyone reply what is the bond amount of bank of india and which job is better bank of india po or oriental insurance co. ltd. ao.please reply friend.

  21. hello... sir... I have got job in TCS and am joining in october 2014... I have done preparations for bank PO and an confident to crack IBPS PO 2014... i m very confused... should i join bank as a PO or join TCS with 3.2 lpa salary... my frnd is working as a bank PO and complains of long working hours and less pay and as a girl i cant work for so long... should i go for bank PO which is secured job or TCS whose salary is somewhat good... pls help...

  22. Dear admin,

    Thank you for clear all most all my doubts in the above posts.

    I got selected as PO in Bank of india, so i had few question about my joining like..

    Bond amount and period to be executed
    Documents required by bank
    Traning places and period
    (joining process at Bank of india)

  23. Sir after 15 % hike what salary and Perks we get in monthly. .. Thanks

  24. Hi, I am going to join as PO in Bank of much salary per month can be expected as per pay revision....


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